Hopper Uni Block Pump provides reliability, performance and ability to withstand daily sanitation. Longer lasting, more cost-effective and easy-to-maintain pumps.


Standard Options

  • Fully machined All-Stainless Steel constuction
  • Various Inlet Types and custom options available
  • Stainless Steel or Metal & X-ray detectable (MXD) Rotors options
  • Low-Shear design for minimal product degredation
  • Front loaded Shaft Seal options
  • Horizontal or Vertical mounting options
  • QuickStrip Rotor Technology-no-tools-required cleaning and maintenance

Additional Options

  • DuraCore MXD Rotors
  • PolyFlex MXD Rotors
  • Rectangular or Clamp Inlet Port Styles
  • Custom Hopper or Cart options