Cart Positioner


Cart Positioner - Cart cleaning and rinsing made easy. No more lifting of carts or tipping them manually. Simply push the carts in, actuate the pneumatic lever, clean and rinse and lower the cart back down. Sanitary design and ergonomically friendly.


Standard Options

  • One or two carts at a time can be raised to facilitate cleaning of entire cart. (including the bottom)
  • Water runs out in the up position, the carts are then lowered after rinsing, clean and undamaged
  • Employees no longer have to wrestle with carts on wet, slippery floors
  • Carts are no longer tipped over with flange touching floor to drain rinse water
  • All units portable
  • Air activated- No electrical required
  • Compitable with 400lb and 600lb Vemag Carts