510 Mixer/Blender provides versatile blender equipment for the food industry. Variable Pitch Blender Paddle or Variable Pitch Blender Ribbon design. Meets the highest sanitary design standards.


Standard 510 Mixer Blender Options

  • Quick release SPLIT shaft seals
  • Mechanical "toggle lock" discharge doors
  • SOLID agitator shafts
  • VARIABLE PITCH agitators
  • Drip pans under discharge bearings
  • Timer in control panel
  • Electrical disconnect
  • Two hand "no-tie down" on controls
  • Stainless steel motor mount assembly
  • Full-split grating with safety switch
  • Pneumatic valves mounted in NEMA IV enclosure
  • All interior welds ground smooth
  • Standard Capacities From 500 lbs-15,000 lbs

Additional 510 Mixer Blender Options

  • Vacuum units(CO2 optional)
  • Tilt and bottom discharge
  • Variable pitch ribbon agitator (Substitute for the standard variable pitch paddles-Pictured)
  • RLC controls
  • CO2 injection (pictured)
  • Polished conact surfaces
  • Screw discharge
  • VFD