15C VAT/Combo Dumber - Used to dump combos/vats. Handles cardboard, stainless, & plastic vats with a standard lifting capacity of 3,000 lbs.


Standard Options

  • 5 H.P. stainless steel hydraulic power unit
  • Standard dump height up to 85" maximum
  • 45° standard discharge angle
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders
  • Adjustable stainless steel vat hold downs
  • 3,000 lb standard lifting capcity - heavier capacities available
  • Starters & controls included in a stainless steel NEMA IV enclosure
  • USDA accpetable

Model Options

Available in Standard and High Lift

Additional Options

  • Side Loading
  • Retractable discharge chute (designed to load AMFEC tumblers)
  • Stainless Steel cyliders & fittings
  • VEMAG cart attachment (kifts 2x carts)
  • Brine Reservoir
  • Hydraulic vat hold downs
  • Pallet retract