Welcome to American Food Equipment Company

American Food Equipment Company - AMFEC - Established in 1975, has earned and maintained a reputation in the American food industry of supplying high-quality equipment engineered to meet specific customer needs. Our diverse product line combined with flexible engineering expertise ensures that our customers receive the exact required machine for a specific application and not just something that we simply manufacture. Whether it’s a single piece of American food equipment or a state of the art turnkey system, AMFEC has the experience and technology to deliver equipment that will increase your efficiency, productivity, and thus bringing superior value to your business.

American Food Equipment Company Products

Belt Conveyors

Provides a sanitary method of gently transfering product from one location to the next.

Pallet Lift

Easy lift to raise pallet to your working height.

Dry Ingedient Mixer

Versatile mixing equipment designed for mixing dry ingredients for the food industry

Screw Loader

Sanitary method of transferring product from one location to the next with an added holding capacity customized to your application.