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We offer a full line of Mixers that meet a wide range of production requirements. 

Utilizing the recently released "SANI-MIX" design, our standard Mixer incorporates all SOLID Stainless Steel materials.  Eliminated from the machine are all hollow tubes, pipes, and shafts that have been found to harbor bacteria.  The framework and support structures are completely solid, along with the covers and discharge doors.  These features make the AMFEC Mixer the most sanitary Mixer on the market today.

AMFEC Mixers offer a variety of agitator options, including the exclusive Faster Mix® design.  Faster Mix® agitators (both paddles & ribbons) eliminate the “logging” effect often seen in Mixers.  This is especially critical when incorporating CO2 or spices - the Faster Mix® design creates a completely homogenous product with even temperatures batch after batch. 

AMFEC Mixers also come with options such as vacuum systems, CO2 & liquid nitrogen injection, glycol or steam jackets, PLC controls, and load cells.

Used by companies in the meat, poultry, seafood, bakery, and vegetable industries – the AMFEC Mixer is the answer for all your blending requirements.



  • "SANI-MIX" SANITARY DESIGN - No hollow tubes, pipes, shafts anywhere on machine.  Framework completely SOLID eliminating the possibility of bacteria growth due to water and temperature change
  • Quick release SPLIT shaft seals
  • Mechanical “toggle lock” discharge doors - eliminates chance of product loss due to air or power disruption
  • SOLID AGITATOR shafts (sanitation)
  • VARIABLE PITCH agitators - Faster Mix Design 
  • Drip pans under discharge bearings (sanitation)
  • Timer in control panel
  • Electrical disconnect
  • Mounted on Stainless Steel adjustable legs
  • Two hand “no-tie down” on controls (safety feature)
  • Stainless steel motor mount assembly (sanitaton)
  • Full-split grating with safety switch
  • Pneumatic valves mounted in NEMA IV enclosure
  • All interior welds ground smooth (sanitation)
  • Standard capacities from 200lbs – 15,000lbs


- Vacuum units
- PLC controls
- Tilt and bottom discharge
- Overlapping paddles
- CO2 injection
- Liquid nitrogen injection
- Polished contact surfaces (tub & agitators)

PDF Brochures:

510 Sani-Mix Blender
510 Standard Mixer
510 Standard Mixer - Spanish